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Zuzana Uličianska – Slovakia – Candidacy

I was elected to the AICT-IACT EXCOM at the Congress in St. Petersburg. My main goal at that time was to help to co-organise the 30th AICT-IATC Congress in Bratislava during the Nová Dráma/New Drama festival in 2020. You all know that the whole event had to be cancelled at the very last minute due to the pandemic situation which we sincerely regret. It would be an honour for me to work with my distinguished colleagues from the ExCOM for another period, to contribute to the conferences or workshops of our association, such as the one with the topic Recycling in the Performing Arts that is planned for October in  Bratislava – online or offline, if the situation permits. 

I have been the chair of the Slovak Centre of the IACT since 2002 (with one break), our national section has currently over 70 members, we have been running our own critical website www.monitoringdivadiel.sk already for 15 years. Most recently we have launched the online project for teenagers called www.SMARTheatre.sk.

Thank you very much for considering my candidacy.