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Zhu Ning – China – Candidacy

ZHU Ning will run for the seat of Excom on behalf of IATC China Section. She has been the liaison of China Section since it was founded on 2007. After an effort of 14 years, China Section now is taking an active role both in domestic theatre research and in the international family of IATC. After its foundation, China Section has hosted 3 editions of Asian Forums, 3 workshops of Young Critics and also Beijing congress in 2014. By organizing these events, we successfully activated Chinese theatre criticism. Now, IATC China Section has become an important partner in several major international theatre festivals in China, and attracted more and more critics, journalists and scholars to join us. In the future, China Section will continually organize IATC events. Since we have established long-term cooperation with Beijing Laoshe International Theatre Festival, we plan to host an Excom meeting under the umbrella of the Festival in 2022. Besides, we also plan to organize a symposium of the established theatre critics and another young critics workshop by cooperating with the major theatre festivals in China in future. In such a hard time of the whole world, China Section believes unity will bring strength, and communication will eliminate prejudice. In future, China Section will go on making our contributions for IATC.