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Stéphane Gilbart

Stéphane Gilbart (Belgian, resides in Luxembourg) has been Treasurer of the IATC since January 2014.
For a long time he was a teacher at the Ecole Européenne de Luxembourg (an intergovernmental public school for the children of European civil servants from the 28 countries of the  » European Union). For twenty-five years he has been a theatrical and opera critic for the daily « LuxemburgerWort ». He also regularly collaborates with other publications, and has opened a professional critical page: « The theaters of Stéphane Gilbart », www.facebook.com/stephane.gilbart.
He is currently involved in the development of critical content for a reference website dedicated to opera, www.operabase.com. He is also an advisor for programming at the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, where he contributes to the season brochure and the newspaper. He has also collaborated with the public development programs at the National Dramatic Center in Thionville, France.