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Pawit Mahasarinand – Thailand – Candidacy

In one of the world’s most culturally diverse regions, where traditions coexist with contemporaneity, IATC Thailand Centre is Southeast Asia’s first, and still only, IATC national section. As a member of the ExCom, I plan to help expand the network of IATC by persuading colleagues in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to form their respective national sections: after all, 650 million people live in this region. Recently, IATC Thailand Centre has taken an active part in the Asian Arts Media Roundtable (AAMR), the region’s largest gathering of arts critics, and BIPAM, the performing arts producers’ counterpart. That said, hosting an IATC ExCom meeting, a Young Critics’ Workshop or a conference, as part of one of the many performing arts festivals in Southeast Asia, is not only possible but also long overdue. Moreover, it is evident that IATC’s activities benefit not only IATC members, theatre professionals and students, but also the public in democratic countries, or those aspiring to become one, where people agree to disagree on various matters. The contents of these activities, hence, should be able to reach farther beyond cultural boundaries. In sum, I would like to make sure that IATC becomes even more inclusive and more diverse in the structure of its Executive Committee. Thank you, dear IATC friends and colleagues for giving me – and Thailand, at such an important moment in its history – your votes and your trust!

Pawit Mahasarinand
President of the IATC Thailand Centre
Chevalier de l’ordre des arts et des lettres