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Michel Vaïs

Born in Tunisia but living in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) since the age of 12, Michel Vaïs became an actor at 17 in an avant-garde theatre company, then a director and a playwright, before getting degrees in three universities and teaching for 12 years. Bachelor from Université de Montréal, Master of Arts from McGill University, Doctor in theatre studies from Université de Paris 8, he then became a broadcaster for Chaîne culturelle de Radio-Canada during 22 years. Editor at Revue de théâtre JEU since its foundation in 1976 (and now senior editor), he presided the Quebec Association of Theatre Critics and joined the International Association of Theatre Critics in 1992. He became treasurer, then vice-president, and since 1998, is Secretary General of the IATC, serving with four presidents. He is also the French language editor for the IATC webjournal Critical Stages/Scènes critiques.