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Martin Morrow – Canada – Candidacy

The Canadian Theatre Critics Association, along with our francophone colleagues, the Quebec Association of Theatre Critics (L’Association Québécoise des critiques de théâtre), jointly represent the Canadian Section at the IATC. For the 29th General Assembly, the CTCA, with the agreement of our Quebec colleagues, will be representing Canada. Therefore, on behalf of both of our organizations, I would like to submit Canada’s candidacy for a seat on the Executive Committee.

The Canadian Theatre Critics Association is a long-time member of the IATC, dating back to 1981, and has served on the Executive Committee in the past. We continue to play an active role at the IATC, most notably with its web journal, Critical Stages. The journal’s Managing Editor is CTCA Member Don Rubin, its Essays Editor is Yana Meerzon, a CTCA Board Member, and numerous CTCA Members are regular contributors to its pages. Here in Canada, we are a dynamic and forward-looking organization of close to 50 members that is very much aware of the changes undergoing theatre criticism today, as well as the broader changes in society. Indeed, in response to last summer’s global racial unrest, we organized anti-oppression workshops for theatre critics, which were well attended and very positively received. These led to the CTCA reworking and expanding its Code of Ethics into a new Statement of Values and Best Practices, promoting a more racially and culturally sensitive critical practice, which we adopted this year.

The CTCA has also dedicated itself to actively encouraging young critics, including those from traditionally marginalized communities in Canada, to have our theatre criticism more accurately represent Canada’s multicultural society. This has included creating a new Emerging Critic Award as part of our long-standing and respected Nathan Cohen Awards for theatre criticism. If elected to the Excom, we would be especially eager to become more involved in the IATC’s Workshops for Young Critics. The CTCA includes members devoted to training and nurturing younger critics, and they have expressed a desire to have Canada play an active role in the IATC workshops going forward. If elected, we will bring that expertise to the Excom, as well as our ongoing dedication to other IATC initiatives, including Critical Stages.

Thank you for considering our candidacy to the Executive Committee.


Martin Morrow


Canadian Theatre Critics Association