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Halima Tahan Ferreyra – Argentina – Candidacy

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am Halima Tahan Ferreyra, and – as some of you know – I am lucky enough to live in one of the theatrical capitals of the Americas, Buenos Aires, where I work as Editor of Artes del Sur;  I’m also coordinator of a research domain at the Institute of Performing Arts of UBA (University of Buenos Aires). I have been part of the Association for a long time: I have been an IATC Account Auditor and a member of the Editorial Board of Critical Stages since its beginning. Also, I have been involved in the activities of the and I have organised IATC events in Argentina: courses, meetings, presentations, publications, translations…I would also like to mention our journal Teatro al Sur, which under my direction has been functioning for many years as a kind of platform for the dissemination of the IATC in the Latin American world and also in Europe, where it has received a special award.

The basic motivations for running for this position (something I have never done before) are two: 1. to strengthen my commitment to the association (which needs all of us more than ever) by seeking to become more directly involved in its actions and decisions; 2. to try to incorporate a voice from Latin America into the ExCom, a voice that has been absent for a long time, a voice that would add something to the horizon and the work of the IACT. In the future, the plan is to continue with activities and links that promote the IATC. We will soon make a proposal such as holding an event within the framework of the International Festival of Buenos Aires, for example.

I would like to thank my colleagues and friends who have encouraged and supported me in this decision. 

Dr. Halima Tahan Ferreyra, Theatre Critic

30 April 2021.