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Eirini Mountraki – Grèce / Comex Candidature

I would like to express my interest to be candidate for the Executive Committee of the International Association of Theatre Critics.

I strongly believe in IACT’s important and crucial contribution especially in such difficult times that demand to strengthen our alliances, to develop common visions and common goals and to expand the cultural dialogue. Therefore I am willing to undertake a more active role and work towards a firm network of collaboration. I would like to support and amplify IACT’s role, aiming to develop and support new projects and strategies. I’ve built a solid background through the years in the artistic and academic field and my diverse skill set, my social and artistic concern will allow me to meet the expectations of this role. I have been actively engaged in community leadership roles throughout my career.

In case that I am elected I would like to work (among others) on the following tasks:

  • Explore the possibility to organize in Greece one of the next IACT’s International Conferences and/or World Congresses. 
  • Bring in contact the members of the IACT with the Greek contemporary stage for a fruitful dialogue and exchange. Such occasions are the next National Theatre of Greece Showcase, along with the European Theatre Convention Conference (April 2025).
  • I will provide my platform of Greek Play Project for the dissemination of IACT’s work.
  • I will work on the development of new ideas that will spread our work and boost the desire for critical thinking.
  • Invite members of the ExCom to offer with their expertise, international theatre experience and skills in the discourse on ancient Greek drama and the problematic of dealing with it. The International Workshop on Ancient Greek Drama in Epidaurus would be an option.

I remain at your disposal for any further information you may need and I hope that this is going to be a unique opportunity for me to share and expand your vision.

Sincerely yours

Eirini Mountraki

Email addresses: irene.moundraki@gmail.com / dramadept@n-t.gr

Short Cv Eirini Mountraki

Eirini Mountraki has obtained a BA, an MA and a PhD in Theatre Studies from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She also studied Arts at the University of Milan, Italy on a scholarship.

She has worked at the National Theatre of Greece since 1999 and she is head of Drama, Library, Archive and International Relations Departments.

She teaches in the MA Programmes at the Universities of Peloponnese and Athens. She also teaches at Drama Schools. She taught Theatre in the Army and has directed several plays with her students.

She is the founder and head of the Greek Play Project, a dynamic platform for the promotion and study of contemporary Greek dramaturgy (greek-theatre.gr). Alongside her work as a dramaturg, she has published books and translations, curated exhibitions, organized and led workshops and seminars and lectured about theatre in Greece and abroad.

She is an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP 2013) Alumni of the USA and member of the IATC. Among other significant roles, she has been President of the Consultative Committee on Theatre Grants of the Greek Ministry of Culture (2017-2021) and President, Vice President and member of the board of the Hellenic Association of Theatre and Performing Arts Critics (2016-2023).

She is member of the Board of the European Theatre Convention.