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The International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre will co-present the “A Future Called Documentation—International Exchange on Performing Arts Documentation”(AFCD: https://www.padocufuture.hk/en/), which explores the creativity of documentation and the future of the performing arts.

As a two-day online seminar, AFCD comprises “Industry Roundtables”, “Keynote Speeches” and “Talks on Innovative Practices”, in which experts and scholars from Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas will share their invaluable experiences, with interactive Q & A sessions.

You are cordially invited to attend the event, and your registration will be priortised. Please click the link below for online registration:


We look forward to seeing you at this grand event.


Bernice CHAN

General Manager,

The International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)


Priscilla POON

Manager (Theatre Literature & Projects),

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre