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Czech IATC informs about the new eWaT / World and Theatre magazine – just published on


​short editorial introduction:

This year‘s eWAT, i.e. a selection of articles from World and Theatre magazine (SAD), has two parts. The first one includes articles on Czech theatre productions before Corona quarantine and focuses on sub-branches of alternative theatre called in jest „post-normal theatre”. We regularly deal with these peculiar theatre forms (see previous eWATs) as they, in our opinion, represent the most original works of Czech theatre. They are productions that use punk, raw, grotesque means to “save the world” from looming destruction. They can be seen as forebodings of the strange, “post-normal” times that came with the pandemic, which is addressed directly in the second part of ewAT in two plays by European playwrights commissioned by SAD.
Karel Král -chief editor, chairman of the Czech IATC centre