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Cecilia Djurberg – Sweden – Candidacy

My name is Cecilia Djurberg and I’m a Swedish theatre- and dance critic. I am 46 years old, based in Stockholm, and I have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theatre History and Theory from Stockholm University. I have worked as a professional critic, culture journalist and -editor for more than 20 years; in newspapers, in web magazines, and in the Swedish national public service radio. I currently write criticism (performing arts and literature) in Sweden’s largest (national) newspaper Aftonbladet. I have been a board member of the Swedish Association of Theatre Critics for many years, I’m currently vice president and I also held the presidency in our Swedish section in 2010-2016. 

For a long time I have both studied the media developement and the changing digital landscape, and worked hands on in it; with journalism, criticism, publishing and the social media. I have attended a couple of IATC:s conferences and congresses, my premiere was in Seoul in 2006, and in 2014 I presented a paper in the Beijing congress on theatre criticism in the Internet era. The role of the theatre critic, as well as the position and possibilities for theatre criticism in the digital, changing realities are main topics of interest to me. Since five years I also produce a critical podcast, in Swedish, about performing arts. Right now the conversations in the podcast focus a lot on the digital theatre, due to the simple reason that online productions are much all that has been available during the pandemic. Although this has been an extremely difficult time for all of us, I do find the digital development that theatre is undergoing right now really interesting, and I think it’s crucial for us theatre critics to keep tracks with the new expressions evolving in performing arts and to update our critical toolboxes accordingly. 

Some of you might have watched the IATC-AITC online conference ”Redefining the Performing Arts in Times of the Corona Pandemic” last summer where I also talked quite a lot about these topics. The current challenges and future possibilities for theatre criticism in the digital world are most definitely global issues in need of international discussions and exchange, and I think my digital competence and engagement in these subjects could benefit the IATC community. And therefore I would like to candidate to the executive committee of the International Association of Theatre Critics.