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The IATC held a vibrant young critics’ seminar during the Baltic Theatre Festival in Riga, Latvia. Ten young critics from across Europe (ranging from Italy and Great Britain, to Hungary, Romania and Latvia itself) joined monitor Mark Brown (an experienced critic from Scotland) to see and discuss a showcase of theatre productions from across the Baltic region (including Ziedonis and the Universe, by acclaimed Latvian director Alvis Hermanis and his New Riga Theatre). The seminar also discussed theatre and theatre criticism in the various participants’ countries, and an excellent joint seminar session was held with a parallel event for young critics from the Baltic States.

With the assistance of the seminar’s Latvian hosts, a superb cultural programme was organised, including a guided tour of Riga’s fascinating Old City, a trip to the National Museum of Art, and a visit to the memorial museum of the great Latvian folklorist Krišjānis Barons (where the participants enjoyed Latvian folk songs performed and sung live just for them).