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It is our pleasure to announce that three training workshops for young critics will be organized during the last term of 2017.

From October 5 to 10 2017: Workshop in Iasi, Romania during the 10th International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences. Arrival date is October 5, departure date is October 10 (6 nights). There will be two working groups: one in English and one in French, with 10 participants each. The names of the monitors will be announced later.
Note: This is a theatre festival for young audiences.

From October 19 to 29 2017: Workshop in Wu Zhen, China, during the 5th Edition of Wu Zhen Theatre Festival. Arrival date is October 21, departure date is October 28 (7 nights). There will be two working groups, one in English (10 participants), monitored by Octavian Saiu (Adjunct Secretary General of IATC) and one in Chinese (6 participants) which will be monitored by Peng Tao (President of the Chinese Section of IATC).

From November 4 to 10 2017: Workshop in Pune, India at the IAPAR Festival. Arrival date is November 4, departure date is November 9 (6 nights). There will be two working groups of 6 participants each. The English group will be monitored by Deepa Punjani (Representative, Indian Section of the IATC) and Ajay Joshi (Senior Critic; Indian Section of the IATC). The French group will be monitored by Mariko Anazawa (Adjunct Director of training workshops for IATC).

To apply, young critics should complete the form below, and send all required attachments to Jean-Pierre Han, jp.han @ free.fr and Mariko Anazawa, anazawa.mariko @ nihon-u.ac.jp, before August 15, 2017.