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From the beginning, the announcement regarding an IATC workshop organized in the context of Wuzhen Theatre Festival attracted a lot of interest, and the number of applicants exceeded the number of positions offered. After a process of careful selection, twenty young critics from Europe, America, Africa and Asia were invited to attend the workshop. The participants – divided into an English-speaking group and a Chinese-speaking one – had the opportunity to watch an impressive range of international performances and to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of an event that has often been described as “the most beautiful theatre festival in the world.”

The workshop was followed by the second edition of the “Critics’ Summit” (photo), whose main theme was the meaning of theatre criticism in the contemporary world.

The English-speaking group was monitored by Octavian Saiu (President of the Romanian Section – Theatre Studies of IATC) and the Chinese-speaking group was monitored by Peng Tao (President of the Chinese Section of IATC).