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During its 26th Congress – which will take place in Warsaw from 26-30 March, 2012 – the IATC is pleased, with the support of our Polish hosts, to be holding a seminar for young theatre critics. Applications are now open for the two seminars groups (one French and one English-speaking), both of which will comprise 10 participants. To apply, you must be a professional critic and aged between 18 and 35. All candidates are invited to send their registration form with a brief CV (just one page!), 2 or 3 samples of critical articles published in professional media, and a letter of recommendation from the person in charge of the AICT/IATC section in your country (if your country is an IATC member). All these documents should be sent in a single PDF file if possible. Please make sure of the following:

1) The registration form is sent by the candidate, not by the AICT/IATC section officers.
2) The candidate has a good proficiency in one of the two working languages.

You will be hosted in a shared room. Your meals will be offered by the Congress. You will have a pass for free entry to all the shows and to the meetings which will be going on during the Congress.

The working groups will be monitored by the following critics: Jean-Pierre Han (French-speaking group), Mark Brown (English-speaking group).

Applications will be accepted until March 1st, 2012. They must be sent to the Director of Training Seminars, Jean-Pierre Han: jp.han@free.fr A final list of all selected participants will be announced as soon as possible, in order to allow participants to prepare for his/her trip and obtain any necessary visa for Poland.