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Young critics’ seminar in Cordoba, Argentina,
1-7 October, 2007
Young critic´s seminar during the Festival de Teatro Mercosur, Cordoba, Argentina
1-7 October, 2007

During the first week of October an IACT seminar for young theatre critics will be organized in Cordoba, hosted by the Festival de Teatro del Mercosur, an international theatre festival with a strong presence of latin american theatre. Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, is the second city of the country, with a rich theatrical life.  The festival will present theatre productions from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay as well as performances from Spain, France and Germany.
The IATC seminar is focusing on contemporary theatrical forms and new realities within theatre. Working languages will be English and Spanish, and ten international critics are invited to work together with a number of Argentinian young critics. The young critics must finance their travel to Cordoba, but  the festival generously invites the participants to hotel rooms, meals and theatre tickets. The seminar is working four-five morning hours, some free time is offered in the afternoon before the theatre performances at night.

The seminar will be directed by Margareta Sörenson, Swedish theatre and dance critic, responsable of the IATC young critic’s international seminars and vice-president of IATC internaional. She will be assisted by an Argentinian critic. Applications should be sent to Margareta Sörenson, soerenson@swipnet.se, at the latest 31st of August. A recommendation from the national AICT section where the young critic is a member, is compulsory. The list of participants accepted will be presented during the first week of September. Communications by e-mail only.

Young critics’ seminar in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 23-27 October, 2007
The IATC is inviting to a Seminar for Young Professional Theatre Critics in Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia (northwest Spain).  The seminar is hosted by the festival “Feira de Teatro de Galicia”, with the support of the “Instituto Galego das Artes Escénicas e Musicais”. Collaborative partners are the Spanish Association of Theatre Directors (ADE, its section of Theatre Studies, the Spanish section of IATC), and the “Escola Superior de Arte Dramática de Galicia”.

The festival “Feira do Teatro de Galicia” is promoted by the Galician “Consellería de Cultura e Deporte” and the “Instituto Galego das Artes Escénicas e Musicais” and is now in its 15th edition. It is dedicated to the presentation of a wide variety of works developed by Galician and other Spanish companies, performed in an equally wide diversity of spaces, from conventional theatre buildings to bars and local “tabernas”.

The seminar will take place between 23 and 27 October 2007 (arriving date: 22, departure day: 28). The 16 seminar participants are offered hotel, meals and theatre tickets. (Notice that you may have to share a room.) The festival also assures the transportation of the participants from and to the airport. Working hours of the seminar: daily 10-14h. The working languages of the seminar will be English, Portuguese and Galician and the seminar will be directed by Paulo Eduardo Carvalho, from the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics, and currently assisting director of the international IATC seminars for young critics.

Applications should be sent to Paulo Eduardo Carvalho, pauloec@netcabo.pt before June 30th. A recommendation from an IATC national critic’s association is compulsory.