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It was with great pleasure that IATC held a seminar for young critics, hosted by the annual  Borštnik Theatre Festival, in Maribor, Slovenia. The 11 young critics from three continents and their monitors, experienced critics Mark Brown and Philippe du Vignal, were delighted to be part of Maribor’s European Capital of Culture celebrations.
The seminar groups discussed numerous productions from the Festival’s Slovenian showcase, as well as holding the traditional in-depth discussions about theatre and theatre criticism in the host nation and the countries of the various participants. There was also lively discussion about different methodologies in theatre criticism.
Strong professional and personal ties were established, and the young critics departed Maribor with fond memories, vivid impressions of Slovene theatre and an enhanced sense of their chosen profession.

Photo caption: Seminar participants, Festival staff and volunteers with, kneeling from left to right, Philippe du Vignal, Mark Brown and Alja Predan. Photo by Matej Kristovič.