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Workshop for Young Critics in the Magnificent Town of Wu Zhen, China

The Chinese Section of the IATC is inviting young critics for a new IATC Workshop in the generous context of Wu Zhen International Theatre Festival. The magnificent waterside town of Wu Zhen, declared “UNESCO World Heritage Site” in its entirety, is the setting of the most exciting theatre festival in China today. In the fairytale atmosphere of historical indoor and outdoor venues, the young critics will have the opportunity to watch productions of some of the world’s most prominent theatre companies, alongside a showcase of Chinese contemporary theatre.

Apart from watching great theatre shows, the participants will have the invaluable chance to discover one of Asia’s cultural wonders, a place that seems locked in time. Often described as the “Venice of the East”, the ancient town of Wu Zhen has become an unparalleled attraction for visitors from around the world.

Arrival date for the young critics is October 29, 2019, and departure date is November 4 (6 nights). Accommodation, local transportation and meals are provided by the organizers. In premiere, the workshop will involve three groups – one speaking English, one French, and one Chinese. The French group will be monitored by Prof. Jean-Pierre Han, Vice-President and Director of Workshops of IATC, the Chinese one by Prof. Peng Tao, Director of IATC China, and the English one by Prof. Octavian Saiu, Adjunct Secretary General of IATC and President of the Romanian Section of IATC (Theatre Studies).

The candidacies will be accepted until September 15, 2019. They must be sent to the Director of seminars, Jean-Pierre Han: jp.han@free.fr. A final list of all chosen participants will be announced as soon as possible, to allow time for preparing your trip, and getting a visa for China.