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WELCOME to a First Online IATC Young Critics’ Workshop

The New Demands of Viewing and Reviewing in Covid Times

Last Date for Applications: the 12th of November 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a systemic change in the ways by which performances are produced and received. The IATC has also been working more actively online to discuss and debate the new “normal” that has vast implications beyond the show. Among its various programmes, the IATC has always endeavored to encourage and train young critics. The IATC’s Young Critics Worshops recognise the essential and inherent need to mentor and equip a new generation of critics. In keeping with our times today the IATC prefers not to pause but to continue its young critics’ workshops online.

Young critics below the age of 35 years are invited to apply for the IATC Young Critics’ Workshop, which will take place online from the 19th of November to the 11th of December 2020.

There will be four sessions. The first three sessions will last an hour and a half approximately. The last session may go on for two hours.

Sr. No.DateTentative Time (Will be later confirmed)
119th November 20202 pm (GMT); 7.30 am (PDT); 7.30 pm (IST); 1 am (UTC)
226th November 2020Same as above
33rd December 2020Same as above
411th December 2020Same as above.

The timing of the sessions is tentative and will be confirmed once the geographical locations of the participants is clear. This is to accommodate the best time possible that may be convenient to the participants and the mentor.

Participants will be required to download the latest version of the video conferencing software required for the meeting.

Further instructions will be sent by the monitor to the participants as necessary.

Since the workshop is taking place online, the group size will be restricted to six participants and hence interested young critics are encouraged to apply early.

In keeping with the diversity ethos of the IATC, the young critics will be selected from different countries as far as possible.

To apply, the young critics must send their brief resume (no more than 300 words) and one sample reference of any of their reviews (if available) that they have written in the last six months. The information provided must also include nationality/country of residence and age. All this information must be emailed to the following email ids:

Jean Pierre Han: jp.han@free.fr

Mariko Anazawa: marikoanazawa@gmail.com

Deepa Punjani: deepa.punjani@gmail.com

The working language of this workshop will be English.

The workshop will be montitored by Deepa Punjani.

Last Date To Apply: 12th November 2020.

Participants will be informed of their selection by 16th November 2020.