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View from Hotel Georgia

The Georgian Critic’s Association, together with the Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre – Georgian Show Case Program, invited international critics to a round table around one of the festival’s productions: View from Hotel Georgia, directed by Ivane Khutsishvili, who also took part in the discussion. The conversation was streamed on the AICT-IATC Facebook page. The host was Irina Gogoberidze, Georgian critic, and participants were Margareta Sörenson, IATC president, Michel Vaïs, secretary general, Jean-Pierre Han, vice-president, Caroline Châtelet, French critic, Lela Ochiauri and Maka Vasadze, Georgian critics, who took part in an interesting discussion on the play, but also on the conditions of performing arts in time of the pandemic. https://www.facebook.com/1259688314057339/videos/785148682070207/