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Theatre and Criticism in Times of Crisis

Message for presidents of various national associations

The world is experiencing a most painful ordeal, which has already changed our lives and threatens to change them even further. But let us not despair. There will be a “day  after”! With this in mind, the critics of IATC seek to assemble documents, reports, reviews and reflections on what is happening around the world.

To that end, Critical Stages, the webjournal of our association, is preparing a special section on theatre and COVID-19 to be published in June 2020. The section will consist of brief contributions submitted by various member countries describing the various situations in the current performing arts: the closure of theatres, damage done, measures taken by governments to alleviate economic impact on theatres, and the artists’ reaction to this impact. What will theatres, artists, and governments do now? What kinds of events and performances might be inspired by the crisis? Where might audiences find open access to video archives, live-streaming, and other dynamic uses of the web?

Reports should be no more than 350 words in length, and should be accompanied by two relevant images or video clips. We would also appreciate a photo and bio (no more than twenty words) of each writer.

We leave it to the national sections to decide who might write the respective section’s report.

Deadline for submission: No later than APRIL 20.

Contact Savas Patsalidis ( spats @ enl.auth.gr ) editor-in-chief of the journal, for further information.

We wish you health, safety, and peace during these challenging times!