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The 30th Congress of the IATC

The next congress of the IATC will take place on-line for the first time, on May 15, 2021. It will be limited to the statutory general assembly. However, activities usually included in the congress – a conference, Thalia Prize ceremony, meetings of the Executive committee, workshop for young critics – will be organised separately. Since the event will be a Zoom meeting, we will be able to host a maximum of 500 participants. Of course only about 50 of them will have a right to vote, i.e. the official delegates of national and regional sections in good standing. However, hundreds of members from different parts of the world (some 3000 individuals are affiliated to the IATC) will have a chance, for the first time, to get better acquainted with our future projects and the running of our association, which is now 65 years old. For any information on how to join the event, please contact the General Secretariat.