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The 29th IATC World Congress in St. Petersburg

The 29th World Congress of the IATC will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, between the 13th and the 18th of November 2018. The event will be organised in partnership with the Europe Theatre Prize. The IATC Congress includes the General Assembly, a meeting of the outgoing Executive Committee (ExCom) and, after the assembly, a meeting of the newly elected ExCom, as well as the ceremony of the Thalia Prize. This year, the 7 th Thalia Prize will be awarded to Prof. Hans-Thies Lehmann. A meeting of the editorial board of the IATC online journal, Critical Stages/Scènes critiques (critical-stages.org), will also take place in St. Petersburg. The conference organised in conjunction with the congress will be dedicated to the following topic: “Performing Arts: Freedom and (in)Tolerance.” More details will follow soon.