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Sophie Pouliot – Canada (Quebec) / ExCom Candidacy

Since 2019, I have been president of the Quebec Association of Theatre Critics and, for more than two decades, cultural journalist and theatre critic. In the past, I teached theater critic at university (Université du Québec à Montréal). I have also been member of redaction comity, chief of content, associate editor-in-chief of Jeu, and editorial director of its podcast, Poétiques des territoires. Jeu is the only french written magazine devoted to theatre in North America.

Presently, I a am columnist in scenic arts for ELLE Québec Magazine, columnist in youg public theatre for the litterary magazine Lurelu and theatre critic for the magazine Lettres québécoises. I also write in one of the major newspapers in Montreal (generally considered as the most prestigious), Le Devoir, as well as other publications such as the cinema magazine 24 images, where I write about links between cinema and theatre.

In parallel, I conduct public discussions in cultural events (Montreal’s Book Salon, International Festival of Puppet Arts in Saguenay…) and I take part in various juries for journalistic awards (Digital Publishing Awards, National Magazine Awards…).

My participation, last year, to the Transforum organised by my japanese colleagues has sparked my interest in learning about conditions of pratice of theatre critic aroud the world and in taking part in promoting the essential rôle of the critic inside any sain cultural ecosystem. It would be an honor for me to bring a canadian point of view in international exchanges and to foster those fruitful exchanges. I sincerly think that my position as president of our national branch and the fact that I am very active on Quebec mediatic scene give me the means to do it properly.

Sophie Pouliot