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Selim Lander – Martinique (French Caribbean) / ExCom Candidacy

I am running for the Executive Committee only in the absence of younger French-speaking candidates who are better equipped to lead the association. Besides my age – I was born in 1945 – I am in fact only an amateur critic, having never received the slightest remuneration for my reviews, unless you count invitations to shows. That being said, the titles I could make are:

As a member of the AICT:

  • I have been a member of the Critical Stages Editorial Board for several years;
  • I have also been responsible for the “French-speaking Caribbean” section of the Association for several years.

As a reviewer:

I am the author of many reviews:

  • shows (theater/dance)
  • books relating to theater

These reviews are published in the “paper” magazines Esprit (France) and Antilla (Martinique) or, on the internet, on Critical Stages, Mondesfrancophones.com or Madinin-art.net.

I have published at least one article per year since 2014 on Critical Stages.

The list of my “theater” publications on all media from 2012 to 2021 (I do not have more recent on the computer I use to write this statement) includes around 500 articles (many of which, those reporting on the Avignon Festival, concern two or more often three pieces). See attached document. I therefore consider myself an experienced critic but who remains an amateur, not only because I am not paid for this work but also because I do not have a degree in literary studies, let alone theater studies.

I am also an amateur as an actor in a Martinican troupe and even as an author (Le Déparleur, a monologue that I performed myself at the Avignon festival in 2022).

If I am elected, it will seem natural to me to pay particular attention to the difficulties of amateur critics.

Last clarification: I can express myself in English.

P.J. Selim Lander’s theater reviews