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Romanian Theatre Directing, from Authorship to Collaborative Practices

Regia romaneasca, de la act de interpretare la practici colaborative/Romanian Theatre Directing, from Authorship to Collaborative Practices highlights one of the main tendencies of the Romanian theatre of the day, similarly to what happens in others cultures. Ten critics of the IATC Romanian Group (Oana Cristea Grigorescu, Cristina Modreanu, Silvia Dumitrache, Iulia Popovici, Mirella Patureau, Cristina Rusiecki, Daniela Silindean, Mircea Sorin Rusu, Alexandra Dima, Oltita Cintec) wrote about ten Romanian stage directors, the most interesting ones regarding their scene poetics (Radu Afrim, Gianina Carbunariu, Catinca Draganescu, Bogdan Georgescu, Eugen Jebeleanu, Cristi Juncu, Radu-Alexandru Nica, Theodor Cristian Popescu, Leta Popescu, Bobi Pricop). This book mirrors the Romanian Theatre through the analyses of some of the most innovative directors emerged after 1990, selected by the coordinator Oltita Cintec. In her Foreword, she points out the idea that “the book aims to emphasize where we stand in terms of news theatrical practices. […] The Romanian theatre favors the director’s way of production; it is still a director’s theatre, their names occupying the top box of the performance’s poster. The artists from the summary are important figures that have distinguished themselves through stage poetics. They illustrate the transition from the singular model of directing as authorship to collaborative forms, in a culture of theatre where diverse formats and styles coexist. The directing vocabularies of the members of this list include sensitive to radical differences; each one searches the formula that suits him/her the best, that stimulates his/her creative mechanisms. […] All of them left important aesthetic markings and will continue to do so.”