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Report of the Treasurer

AICT-IATC Cashflow

Online General Assembly of May 15, 2021

By April 1, 2021, the financial situation is very good:

  • General Account                           36264,49 €
  • Critical Stages Account                   3211,99 €
  • Savings account book                     5603,47 €

Since the 2018 Congress in St Petersburg, the costs in the general account were limited to the bank costs and the usual administration costs.

The Critical Stages account also benefitted from several donations from a Chinese contributor, the University of Illinois, Sections of Japan, France, Slovakia, India, GB.

The annual cost for Critical Stages (webmaster, assistant, language editors) is presently 5000 € pour per year. These sums have not yet been paid for 2021. As usual, I will make a transfer from the general account to the Critical Stages account to cover these operation costs.

Attention: this report does not take into account the costs for the website and the Congress, i.e., +/- 4000 € (webmasters in Romania and Greece, interpreters, miscellaneous costs).

So +/- 9000 € will have to be deducted from this amount, as this report was produced on April 1, 2021.

This report was approved by our colleague and friend Irina Antonova, whom I thank warmly for her careful work and her faithfulness in doing this job.

Important reminder

When you pay your fee, it is NECESSARY to state in English or French the name of your section. Otherwise, I discover anonymous deposits with abbreviations and appellations which I cannot understand.

Regarding the new membership cards for 2022-2023, it would be preferable to give me a personal address rather than a university address for example. This reduces the risk of losing a message, a thing which happens a few times every year.

Stéphane Gilbart

Treasurer AICT-IATC