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Performing arts festivals in corona times: experiences and perspectives an IATC online conference (September 28, 2020)

IATC continues to organize online conferences on different topics regarding the position of theatre and performing arts and theatre criticism in the times of corona pandemic. As summer is the peak of performing arts festivals, the new edition of IATC online conferences is dedicated to this topic.  

How did the performing arts festivals — an important production engine in many theatre cultures–, cope with anti-pandemic restrictions? 

Of the models used—ranging from cancellations to postponing, to different alternatives such as open-air events, shorter formats and/or previews and online editions –which proved to be more successful? 

What are the perspectives and plans for the future? 

The participants of this conference, as it was the case in the previous one, are professional theatre critics coming from different cultures, but with a special expertise in the festival circuit and/or business. 


Margareta Sorenson, president of IATC (Sweeden) 


Ivan Medenica, director of conferences of IATC (Serbia)


Savas Patsalidis (Greece), Thomas Irmer (Germany), Renu Ramanath (India), Katayoun Salmasi (USA/Iran) and Tamas Jaszay (Hungary)


Monday, the 28th of September


San Francisco: 8 A.M. 

Chicago: 10 A.M. 

Montreal, New York: 11 A.M. 

London, Lisbon, Lagos: 4 P.M.

Paris, Stockholm, Belgrade: 5 P.M. 

Moscow, Thessaloniki: 6 P.M. 

Mumbai: 8:30 P.M. 

Beijing: 11 P.M.

Tokyo: 12 P.M.

Auckland: 29th of September, 3 A.M.

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