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Journals Exchange

Theatre Journals Exchange Network

The International Association of Theatre Critics is launching a project to promote the exchange of information and articles between theatre journals published in the member countries of IATC. The aim of this project is to disseminate more knowledge of events in the theatre world and to facilitate greater professional international discussion of ideas on contemporary theatre. Through this exchange, theatre magazines in many countries will be able to extend access to their coverage of local productions and festivals to readers outside their usual circulation area and beyond their language borders. Participating journals, as well as IATC website visitors, will gain easy access to description and analysis of other national theatre cultures by local experts. The exchange of contents pages is unlimited and free for journals that wish to become members of the network. Member journals will put on the network website (to be hosted on the IATC website) an annotated list of the contents of their latest issue in English and in French. Design of the individual page and translation of the contents list is to be arranged by the journal that sends this text to the website of the IATC. The journals will also be responsible for regular updating of their page. It can include a link to the journal’s own website and/or subscription details. Those journals who wish to take the exchange a stage further can sign an agreement for the free exchange of articles. All such member journals will be able to order from another network journal the texts of articles to be translated and republished by them. These member journals may also wish to display on the network website, in full and in the original language, one or more articles that they believe could be of particular interest to international readers, so that any magazine in the network may download it directly for translation and publication, with due acknowledgement. As the project develops further, member journals may (for instance) wish to set up agreements to commission articles on particular topics from other members of the partner journal team, perhaps in exchange for articles from their own contributors. IATC also intends to make available its own news items, such as announcements of prizes and juries, as well as papers delivered at its own events such as congresses. These may be downloaded from the IATC website by participating journals who wish to make use of them. IATC hereby calls for all national sections to research the interest of theatre journals in their countries in this project and to send the resulting information and any further suggestions to the Executive committee of IATC in good time for the Seoul Congress.
By September 1, 2006 national sections are kindly requested to select and to recommend theatre journals in their countries that have expressed their willingness to participate in the exchange.
Please write to IATC General Secretary Michel Vaïs: <vais@ca.inter.net>
During the IATC Congress in Seoul the journals network will be discussed in greater detail by a working party. The national sections will present their journals at this point. Later, participating theatre journals will be able to establish direct contact with the website management under the umbrella of the IATC.