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Nikolai Pesochinsky – Russia – Candidacy

Application to the ExCom of the representative of the Russian national section is based on the experience of arranging a number of events during the previous decades:  

Seminar of  established critics “Theatre magazines and the challenge of Internet” (Moscow, 2005).

Symposium in St.Petersburg in 2006 “Theatre Generations and their way to communicate”,

ExCom meeting in St.Petersburg in 2007

Seminar for emerging critics in Moscow in 1992, in St.Petersburg in 2001, 2011

IATC Congress in St.Petersburg in 2018.

We hope to be helpful in arranging more seminars and meetings.

We have collaboration with platforms to arrange our events at:

The Baltic House International theatre festival  https://baltic-house.ru/en/festivali-i-proekty/

The Golden Mask national theatre prize and festival    https://www.goldenmask.ru/en/stat.php?id=77  

International theatre festival of Turkic Peoples “Nauruz” https://kamalteatr.ru/en/projects/nauruz/mezhdunarodnyy-teatralnyy-festival-naeuruz/

The St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum  https://culturalforum.ru/en

Local Association of theatre critics (ATK) is the independent union that is not supported by the state, it lists currently 168 professionals, it makes the basis of the Russian National section of IATC https://teacrit.ru/

Several journals of professional theatre criticism are published in Russia on paper and in web based form:






I would like to highlight the following topics for possible IATC Conferences that attract attention in the conferences and discussions in journals here:

New languages of directing art in the 21st century;

Institutional and professional theatre criticism in the context of social network discussion;

Theatre school and new forms of theatre;

Combining artistic and other types of contents in participative theatre projects.

Nikolai Pesochinsky

St.Petersburg, Russia


+7 911 9250036 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

Skype: lai.pes