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Michel Vaïs – Secretary General – Candidacy

Dear Colleagues,

This is how I’ve been starting my messages to the membership for… 25 years now!  In fact, I joined you in ’92, as a delegate of the Quebec Association of Theatre Critics; elected on the ExCom in ’94 (after working on our new statutes), I was appointed treasurer. Two years later, I became vice-president in charge of communications and created our first website. In the ’98 Congress, I was elected secretary general, and since then, re-elected each time: according to our statutes, there is no limit of terms in this position! I also think that one must be crazy to accept this volunteer job for long: it must be my case! Anyway, I have pleasure in the job, partly because I can count on the support of my Adjunct, Octavian Saiu, who is mainly in charge of the minutes of our meetings, and of the IATC website.

During the pandemic, however, we have gone through difficult moments (and discovered some large egos), so I tried to make use of a sense of diplomacy, which can help. From now on, our future should be easier. One reason why I decided to be a candidate again in ’21 is that it’s safer for the IATC not to change president and secretary general at once. Whoever will be the person with whom I will work, I am ready to support him or her. I partnered with Georges Banu, Ian Herbert, Yun-Cheol Kim, Margareta Sörenson: I think I got along with all. Finally, I feel it is useful for someone fluent in both our official languages to be secretary general. IATC has always included several French-speaking members. For these reasons, I ask you to elect me again so that I can continue serving you as best I can.