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Mariko Anazawa

Mariko Anazawa is Professor of Theatre Studies in the College of Art at Nihon University in Tokyo and a member of the IATC Executive Committee. She specializes in Maurice Maeterlinck, the Belgian Nobel prize-winning author, as well as the Symbolist movement in French theatre in the early twentieth century. After completing her BA studies at the University Paris III in France, she continued her research there and was awarded her MA degree, Diplôme dEtudes Théâtrales (D.E.A.). She received her doctoral degree from the University Strasbourg in 2017Her research on Maeterlinck has been published on several occasions in Japaand also in Belgium, particularly in TEXTYLES, the Belgian literary magazine of the Royal library (Le Cri, 2012)She is a one of the contributors to Le Dictionnaire universel des créatrices (Universal dictionary of females creators) in France (Editions des femmes, 2013). She has also translated plays, scripts and essays of theatre theory from French into Japanese. She is the translator of King Ubu (2003), Menus propos (2012), What is the theatre? (2009), among others.