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Manabu Noda – Japan – Candidacy

It is more than a decade we have had the honour of sending a delegate to the ExCom, the first was Akiko Tachiki, and the second and current is Mariko Anazawa. This time, I am running for the seat as our third delegate. What I would like to do, if elected, is simple: Build upon the legacy. I have had the pleasure of working on the editorial board of Critical Stages since its launch, and I think we can proudly say that our journal has established fervent core readers and enviable reputation internationally. Seminars and symposia have broadened our horizon and deepened our dialogues, and I know that Mariko enjoyed working as a seminar leader for young critics. Thalia Award has given recognition to the writings and practices of outstanding theatre people worldwide, including Japan’s Tadashi Suzuki, the latest recipient. This mission must continue, as theatre must and surely will continue, under this pandemic and beyond.
Like elsewhere, IATC Japan has felt the impact of Covid-19. We wanted to invite our international colleagues to Japan around the time of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The plan has been foiled, which is our great regret because we were excited at the prospect of fostering international friendship, just like we did in Tokyo at the symposium in 2006 and the second Asian Forum in 2010. Our national section will be faced with financial uncertainties under tighter subsidy policy in hosting such international events for some years, but it still remains our ambition. In the meantime, IATC Japan is ready to build upon our contribution and support theatre on the new ExCom board.

2021 IATC ExCom Candidacy Statement
Manabu Noda, IATC Japan
14 April 2021