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Konrad Szczebiot – Poland – Candidacy

Dear friends, I was so sorry I couldn’t be in St. Petersburg. After two years, I’m back! I want to contribute to the activities of our association and bring lots of fresh energy and new vision in these difficult times. I’m working on a strong proposal, and I have a firm plan for a new congress, which is almost ready. Collaborators will be the Board of the Podlaskie Voivodeship – the greenest and multicultural region in Poland, also known as the Polish capital of puppetry; the Polish ministry of culture and Adam Mickiewicz Instytut, which will organise specially for us a Polish showcase in Białystok. I’m delighted that I have a new position in one of the world capitals of puppetry theatres, and I’m inviting any colleague to visit it when it’s again possible.

Behind me is a solid Polish section. For a long period, Tomasz Miłokowski – president of the Polish section, was on the IATC ExCom. Now he is an honorary vice-president. A few years ago, we organized the IATC Congress in Warsaw. In 2016, I organised an official IATC workshops for Young critics in Wrocław during the Theatre Olympics. I intend to organise in Bialystok – during next year’s edition of the „Puppets Metamorphoses” festival or the „Direction East” festival – a young critics’ workshop and an ExCom meeting… I was „a midwife” of the Lithuanian section, and I want to be a „midwife” of the Belarusian section of the IATC. During my term in the ExCom, I’ve created an official IATC account on FB and TT. For many years I have been intensively involved in AICT projects and international festivals. My activity in the future will be even greater!

Poland is back! Thank you, my dear family of friends and colleagues!”