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Ivan Medenica – Serbia – Candidacy

On behalf of the Serbian national section of IATC, I would like to nominate Ivan Medenica for a member of the new ExCom of the Association. The best support for his nomination is Medenica’s work in the ExCom since 2008: administrational work (he was the Adjunct Secretary General), maintenance of the web-site and, since 2014 when he was elected Director of conferences, organization of the IATC conferences. One of the peaks of his activities in IACT was the organization of the 28th Congress of the Association in Belgrade in September 2016. In the last period, during the pandemic of Covid 19, Medenica organized and hosted two online international conferences of the IATC and took part in the organization of the Talia prize ceremony and an international conference dedicated to Japanese director, Tadashi Suzuki.

Ivan Medenica is one of the leading Serbian theater critics and scholars. He has a PhD in theater studies and teaches at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Medenica has given guest lectures at Humboldt University (Berlin), Yale School of Drama, University of Cluj (Romania). He has received six national awards for the Best Theatre Criticism, a as well as one for the best book on theater (The tragedy of initiation or the inconstant princ). He is the president of the Serbian Association of theater critics and scholars, which is the Serbian national section of IATC. Medenica was the Chairman of the 11th, 14th and 15th International Symposiums of Theater Critics and Scholars and co-Chairman of the 12th and 13th Symposiums which Sterijino pozorje is organizing in collaboration with IATC since 1970. Since 2015 Medenica is the artistic director of BITEF festival, a prestigious international festival of performing arts. Before that he was the artistic director of Sterijino Pozorje in Novi Sad, the leading national theater festival.

Aleksandar Milosavljević, Vice president of the Serbian Association of theatre critics and scholars