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Irina Gogoberidze – Georgia – Candidacy

Georgia is a small country; however, recently it has been contributing actively to the cultural life of Europe and the world. Our contacts with IATC have been intense. We organised 3 Executive Committee meetings and 5 conferences. Our projects initiated before the Pandemic will be implemented with the new Executive Committee’s approval. You probably remember the pleasure that we took in inviting you to the Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre. When the Pandemic is over, we will return to this tradition and enlarge geography of your visits.

Georgia is on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Causing us many misfortunes over the history, today this junction can become our strength – a space for meetings of our neighbours: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the Baltic States and the entire theatre community. The proof is our “Cultural Bridge”. We hope that after Bratislava, next congress will be held in Georgia. According to our Statutes, IATC has two working languages. As a Francophone, I would like to conserve the semblance of the equilibrium: 2 or 3 French-speaking members of the Executive Committee and our beautiful French language shall restore its title of nobility.