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Emmanuel Dandaura – Nigeria – Candidacy

I bring you warm greetings from the Nigerian National section of the IATC.  With your continuous support since 2012 our national section has expanded opportunities for theatre critics in Africa to exchange ideas with their professional colleagues across the globe. In 2016 Femi Osofisan was honoured as IATC Thalia Laureate. This had significant impact on the morale of critics and visibility of the works of critics in Africa. Similarly in 2017 our national section hosted the first IATC young critics seminar and the matured critics conference on the continent. Since then we have hosted  series of activities that continue to increase awareness about IATC activities and the challenges theatre critics are grappling with globally.

Today humanity just like the livelihood of theatre critics is threatened by the persisting COVID-19 pandemic, dwindling economies of nations and  increasing global terrorism. Finding solutions to these unrelenting challenges demand more collaboration, sharing of best practices and intercultural dialogue. Theatre nurtures our humane essence. My experience so far as a critic and member of the IATC excom has convinced me that the critic is central to the sustenance of live theatre and indeed humanity. The next excom needs to facilitate our regular engagements in order to evolve solutions to existing and emerging challenges facing the critic. I solicit your support to be part of this inclusive IATC team!


Emmanuel Dandaura is a theatre critic, scholar, and festival director based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is one of the outgoing Vice Presidents of the IATC and President of the Nigerian National Section.