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Dialogue about the ITI – UNESCO International Dance Day

Tobias Biancone – Director General of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), Noa Wertheim, choreographer and co-founder of the Vertigo Dance Company from Israel, and Jarosław Fret – Director of the Grotowski Institute and of Teatr Zar will have an online dialogue with Octavian Saiu – Adjunct Secretary General of IATC and President of the Romanian Section (Theatre Studies) of IATC, about the ITI-UNESCO International Dance Day.

The online discussion about the “creativity of the body, about the love of dance, and not least about the hope that this art form radiates” will be available for an international audience on the Facebook page of Teatrelli, starting with 1.30 PM (EEST) Wednesday, April 29th. The event, intended as a cultural celebration of the International Dance Day, is supported by the ITI – UNESCO, the Romanian Section – Theatre Studies of the IATC and the Union of Theatre Artists (UNITER).