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Korean theatre critic Um Hyun Hee, IATC-Korea, notes that new possibilities are opening up in the wake of Corona.
” The new normal of “life on pause” began amid the fear and confusion caused by the pandemic. The past two months of the COVID-19 crisis have seen unprecedented changes to the local theater scene.  Simply put, the artists have wasted the first half of 2020.
Korea’s Ministry of Culture, the Arts Council Korea and other foundations have been rolling out multiple subsidies for theater projects, and a Covid-19-Help Desk was created by the Korea Arts Management Service, as well as a loan program for artists. However, the art community is calling for stronger and more accessible support from the government, citing examples from overseas.
The COVID-19 outbreak also presents a new possibility of marrying theater with technology. Online streamed performances, or so-called “LAN performances” are now widely available in South Korea. National and public theaters are offering their past performances online, and increasingly presenting premier performances both on stage and live streaming platforms.
A performance with 6,000 live audience members, when streamed online, is watched by some 60,000 viewers. Whether theater streaming services will help locate a new audience base is being hotly debated. A transition to paid access is another issue worth considering.
Some cautiously suggest that online streaming services should be categorized as a new theatrical genre. Theater used to be time- and space-limited. The biggest takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps that “there is no such thing as a solid reality or everyday life that remains unchanged.” The top priority now for everyone is to find ways to work with one another. ”

Seoul during lockdown. Photo: Web. Accessed 27/04/2020. https://www.oyeyeah.com/corona-updates/south-korea-overcomes-covid-19-without-a-lockdown-should-the-model-be-followed/