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We are delighted to have a possibility to address you in this very hard times for all of us. While all theatres remain closed in Georgia since the total lockdown in spring, this is the first big international appearance, something like a possibility of theatre life!
Yes, in general almost everywhere the cultural sector was the first one to close and is amongst the last to open again. And yet, while restrictions remain part of social, public and private life, international collaboration continues! In different ways, remotely and in electronic reality, but we, theatre people, never stopped.

Georgian Showcase aims to keep dialogue with audience and international partners;
with friends and delegates, that already were guests of Georgian Showcase in different good times from previous additions. This time, as many in world, we go with digital communication. But we believe, it is only this time.

With Digital Georgian Showcase we suggest the opportunity for Georgian theatre companies to introduce their work to international promoters and will present selected theatre companies with 11 latest productions of season from the capital and regions. The schedule of performances will be announced by the end of week, no later than December 11. You will have 36 hours access to performances online with full information and subtitles in English.

Please join us online by registering on our website

  • Full length videos of participant theatres (supported with English subtitles)
  • Full Program, with detailed description for each participant theatre

Full Program 2020

*Streams will be available:

We  hope to see many of you on this occasion online during December 18 -22, continuing the important work of our mission to bring diverse Georgian theatre to International promoters, directors, critics, journalists… International co – existence and dialogue is crucial as never before!
In case of any additional questions, please contact us!