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Starting from an incident that occurred to him during his preparation for an art exhibition in the city of Salzburg, Rabih Mroué raises in his non-academic lecture Before Falling Seek the Assistance of Your Cane, a number of questions about the relationship of art to the public sphere. What are the boundaries between art and life when they meet outside the art institution? How an art-object might lose its definition as art and become a threat object? These questions interweave with other questions and stories. Among them, the warning leaflets dropped from warplanes, and the story of the crocodile who ate the sun.

November 23, 2020, 7p.m. (GMT-3)
Live on YouTube, in English with Portuguese subtitles

Conversation after the performance with consecutive translation, with theatre critic and philosophy professor Patrick Pessoa as a guest and Complexo Sul’s curator Daniele Avila Small as mediator.

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Rabih Mroué (1967, Beirut) is an actor, director, playwright, visual artist, and a contributing editor of The Drama Review (TDR) and the quarterly Kalamon. He is also a co-founder and a board member of the Beirut Art Centre (BAC). His works include Riding on a Cloud (2013), The Pixelated Revolution (2012), Photo-Romance (2009), The Inhabitants of Images (2008) and Who’s Afraid of Representation (2005). His work has been presented at MoMA, New York; HKW, Berlin; SALT, Istanbul; CA2M, Madrid; dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel; and BAK, Utrecht, among others. In 2010, he was awarded an Artist Grant for Theater/Performance Arts from the Foundation of Contemporary Arts 2010, New York and in 2011 he was the recipient of the Spalding Gray Award and the Prince Claus Award. He lives and works in Beirut and Berlin.