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The magazine World and Theatre (WAT) has reacted to the virus epidemic and quarantine by mapping the responses of Czech and international theatres. We are interested in the fact whether it is possible to find an innovative form in the state of emergency, which would compensate the impossibility of live meetings of people on the stage with those in the auditorium. We have received articles from the United States, France, Poland, Germany and Great Britain and we are expecting more of them coming from Italy and Japan. We have approached Czech and international playwrights to write short plays as a response to the current state in order to entice creative activity. We have received four plays by S.d.Ch., Fredrik Brattberg, Michał Walczak, Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk; we are expecting writings by Cristian Ceresoli, Anton Medowits and others any time soon. Our plan for this year also includes the new e-WAT, the online English anthology of articles from our magazine that we would like to dedicate to the current crisis.

Karel Král,  president of the Czech Association of Theatre Critics, World and Theatre (WAT), Prague, 20 May 2020