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Due to the outbreak of covid-19, theatre industry around the world has reached a “Shut down” period. From April 16 to May 5, 2020, “Enjoy Drama”, which subordinates to Blue Sky Culture Media Co., Ltd., jointly initiate the ”Wild Imagination Drama Festival” with ten core theaters in China.
The online drama festival focused on audience interaction. It’s also a multi-dimensional, multi-angle and all-directional pervasive linkage. Wild Imagination Drama Festival  consists of high quality online dialogue covering drama masters, theaters and audiences; live web-cast of improve drama performances,online exhibition of audiences’ performance videos. Peng Tao(Dean of the department of dramatic literature, The central academy of drama)and Wang Chong, representative director of new wave drama, were invited to have a conversation on the topic “When the drama is not showed in the theater” in the first online conversation of ” Wild Imagination Drama Festival “, which was watched by a total of 80,000 people online.
The “Wild Imagination Drama Festival” invited the staff of several theaters later on, including people in various positions like project manager, field manager, ticket manager, performance planner, event planner. These experienced theater professionals offered the audience a chance to have a deep understanding of every corners of the theater. The topic of “Wild Imagination Drama Festival” reached nearly 3 million reading exposure on Sina Weibo. This online activity cured the lovesickness of drama for audiences who can’t watch the play in the theatre. It also gave the audiences the chance to fully release their soul of the acting and show their talent and the desire to perform.

Posters of  the “Wild Imagination Drama Festival”