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The Baltic Drama Forum is the event which every third year gathers in Riga theatre critics, researchers, producers, journalists and theatre makers from the Baltic States and other countries. The forum aims to discuss the topical issues in performing arts and theatre particularly, uncover latest trends in the national drama scene, show the selected productions and nominees for the Performers’ Night – Latvian National theatre award and to share the impressions on the current state of affairs in the theatre field in Latvia and in the region.

Year 2020 has brought many challenges to people accustomed to free travelling. Nevertheless, the Latvian Theatre Labour Association and the Latvian Academy of Culture plan to welcome Baltic colleagues on November 4 -9 in Riga.

The Baltic Drama Forum 2020 will host the following events: the international conference  “Theatre & new technologies and different watching experiences” to share  the newest research results and present recent experiences including, but not limited to the following themes: mediatization, digitalization, distance communication and tech-based artistic strategies developing in the Baltic theatre; the experts’ panel discussion on “Theatre and the audience in the next hundred years” covering the communicative dimension of performing arts; the showcase of selected recent Latvian theatre productions followed by a discussion of relevant theatre critics and experts from the Baltic States.

We cannot predict the circumstances within 4 weeks, but we can commit to come together in presence or, if necessary, online to strengthen the Baltic theatre community and to inspire each other, exchange information and elaborate new creative ideas.

Important dates:

5 November, Zirgu Pasts, Theatre House of Latvian Academy of Culture

10.00 – 16.00

International conference “Theatre & new technologies and different watching experiences”

16.30 – Presentation of “Contemporary Latvian Theatre 2010-2020. A Decade Bookazine” in English

6 November, Zirgu Pasts, Theatre House of Latvian Academy of Culture

10.00.  Digital theatre experience in practice. Together-watching of digital production (smartphone+headphones required)

10.30. Panel discussion “Theatre and the audience in the next hundred years”. Participating: Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian theatre experts.

See you in the Baltic Drama Forum!

The Baltic Drama Forum is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia!


The venues and a detailed program will follow and might be subject to changes.