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Contemporary Drama and Performative Space: from Playwriting to Immersive Theatre

International Conference organized by the Slovakian Centre of IATC and the Theatre Institute Bratislava, 11-12 May 2017

Rather than being a variety of literature adaptable for performance, contemporary drama is more and more a form of performative writing in and of itself. It often becomes an experience of theatricality enforced from page to stage. The text and the show inhabit a continuous space, and the ultimate horizon of the imaginative experience of the playwright/director is the spectator’s perception of their stage work. This is a new form of immersive theatre, an adventure that redefines an artistic language traditionally divided between playwriting and directing, between textuality and performativity. The conference will mainly focus on the following topics:
•    To what extent is theatrical space shaped by the aesthetics and the content of new drama?
•    What is the relationship between dramaturgical space and performative space?
•    How does the spectator’s relationship with theatrical space evolve into an immersive exploration of the stage universe?

Octavian Saiu (Conference Chair) Zuzana Uličianska (President of the Slovakian Centre of IATC)