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Tadashi Suzuki, Thalia Prize and IATC Conference

April 16, 14h CET, 21h Japan Renowned Japanese stage director and author Tadashi Suzuki will receive the Thalia Prize from the International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT-IATC). Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony will be presented online April 16, 2021, in conjunction with an international conference on the works of Mr. Suzuki, whose performance […]

World Theatre Day 2021

A message from Helen Mirren: “The beautiful culture of theatre will live for as long as we stay here. The creative urge of writers, designers, dancers, singers, actors, musicians, directors, will never be suffocated and in the very near future will flourish again with a new energy and a new understanding of the world we […]

THE ART OF PUPPETRY – between tradition and future

All performing arts have suffered during the pandemic, but this difficult situation has also fed creativity and inventiveness. UNIMA, the international association for the puppetry world, and UNESCO invite you to a Transnational Round Table on the 20th of March, an occasion to provide updates and a summary of the situation. This is related to […]

The 30th Congress of the IATC

The next congress of the IATC will take place on-line for the first time, on May 15, 2021. It will be limited to the statutory general assembly. However, activities usually included in the congress – a conference, Thalia Prize ceremony, meetings of the Executive committee, workshop for young critics – will be organised separately. Since […]

SMARTheatre in Slovakia

A new online educational project of the Slovak Centre of the IATC called SMARTheatre (www.smartheatre.sk) has been recently launched for young theatre lovers. The aim of the initiative is to provide an informal, but professional educational platform for teens interested in theatre without geographical or financial limitations. Since November last year, more than 50 secondary […]

View from Hotel Georgia

The Georgian Critic’s Association, together with the Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre – Georgian Show Case Program, invited international critics to a round table around one of the festival’s productions: View from Hotel Georgia, directed by Ivane Khutsishvili, who also took part in the discussion. The conversation was streamed on the AICT-IATC Facebook page. The host was Irina Gogoberidze, […]

‘This and that and that’ – The multiple roles of the theatre artist – the double meaning of performative criticism

These days, theatre is constantly changing. Between the online and the offline, yet more significantly between different cultural, social, and anthropological realities, which it is bound to reflect and integrate. Such constant dynamics have generated not only a series of variations in terms of form and content, but a new profile of the theatre artist. […]

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year in 2021!

The Festive Season and New Year’s holidays are a time for celebration, but 2020 offers caution amid the festivities. As theatre critics, we closely follow the performing arts, even in this time of global pandemic and repeated lockdowns. We act in solidarity with the artists of our stage. “You are not alone” has been our […]


Between the 10th and the 15th of December, ITI-UNESCO invited all its members to a General Assembly Special Edition, aiming to provide support and exchange between the many national and international associations connected with the ITI. The International Association of Theatre Critics participated in its capacity as a partner organisation of the ITI-UNESCO, with a […]

Preparations for the Online Congress of IATC

A new, extraordinary meeting of the IATC ExCom took place online very recently. The main topic on the agenda was organising the next IATC Congress, already postponed twice. After a long debate, it has been decided that the congress will be held online, and all the details will be clarified early next year. We look […]