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The online meeting of IATC ExCom

After a period of intense email communication, the IATC ExCom met online for the first time. It was a special, most welcome occasion to discuss some of the key aspects of the current situation, as well as make some much-needed plans for the months to come. Amongst the topics discussed: the various programmes of the […]

Performing arts festivals in corona times: experiences and perspectives an IATC online conference (September 28, 2020)

IATC continues to organize online conferences on different topics regarding the position of theatre and performing arts and theatre criticism in the times of corona pandemic. As summer is the peak of performing arts festivals, the new edition of IATC online conferences is dedicated to this topic.   How did the performing arts festivals — an […]

Eric Bentley, 1916-2020

By Richard Schechner Editor’s note: In 2006, Eric Bentley received the first Thalia Prize from the International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT-IATC). The Thalia honors, as IATC President Margareta Sörenson has noted, a writer whose “body of work in criticism and theatre studies” has been particularly important to international criticism. After Bentley’s passing on 5 […]

Summer Greetings, Autumn Plans

The world has changed and the pandemic’s grip is universal. An international association such as IATC, during this time, cannot function as we have in the past via live meetings, conferences, conversations and workshops. The tragedy of more than 600,000 dead and untold numbers of the severely ill around the globe is overwhelming, and it […]

The Corona Special Section: You are not alone!

During the month of March it was obvious that, despite the new and dramatic developments in the Corona pandemic, the national associations of IATC were reacting quickly. Different initiatives were undertaken in many countries where theatre critics proved to be active and inventive. It is well known to us all that a theatre critic is […]

Because we all miss theatre

Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, Critical Stages/ Scènes critiques was out on time, late June, as promised. We are very happy to announce the publication of its 21st issue! It is, in terms of quantity, thus far the richest of all, with 70 contributions by 40 women and 38 men from 34 countries. 11 of these […]


STATEMENT FROM THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AMERICAN THEATRE CRITICS ASSOCIATION ===== JUNE 18, 2020 ===== Artists, administrators and artistic institutions are being asked to recognize how they uphold and support systems of white supremacy within the arts. As members of The American Theatre Critics Association, journalists and critics who cover this industry, we include ourselves and […]

IATC International Conference

CRITICISM AND CORONA: Redefining the Performing Arts in Times of the Corona Pandemic  Cecilia Djurberg (Sweden), Chris Jones (USA), Savas Patsalidis (Greece), Rui Pina Coelho (Portugal), Deepa Punjani (India), Vikram Phukan (India), Rita Sebestyen (United Kingdom), Margareta Sorenson (Sweden). Moderator/host: Ivan Medenica (Serbia). The theatre art all around the world is still in lookdown due […]

ITI – UNESCO International Dance Day 2020

DANCE CAN “RESTORE HUMAN DIGNITY” More vulnerable than many other art forms, dance is shivering during Corona times. Opera houses are locked down, and dancers have to do their training at home. Worse still, most of the world of dance consists of independent companies that do not have their own venues. Dance is a migratory […]

Dialogue about the ITI – UNESCO International Dance Day

Tobias Biancone – Director General of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), Noa Wertheim, choreographer and co-founder of the Vertigo Dance Company from Israel, and Jarosław Fret – Director of the Grotowski Institute and of Teatr Zar will have an online dialogue with Octavian Saiu – Adjunct Secretary General of IATC and President of the Romanian […]