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Latest ExCom elections 2024

Jeffrey Eric Jenkins / Candidacy for President

In preparation for the 30th World Congress of the International Association of Theatre Critics, I offer my name as a candidate for President of the association. Since our online General Assembly in May 2021, I have had the honor of serving as the 14th President of AICT/IATC. During these past three years, working with our […]

Natalia Tvaltchrelidze / Candidacy for General Secretary

My name is Natalia Tvaltchrelidze and I am from Tbilisi, Georgia the country with a very rich theatre history and tradition. I am endorsed and supported by my National Section to run for the post of the Secretary General of AICT/IATC. During my carrier I have been part of many theatre projects. I coordinated projects […]

Sophie Pouliot – Canada (Quebec) / ExCom Candidacy

Since 2019, I have been president of the Quebec Association of Theatre Critics and, for more than two decades, cultural journalist and theatre critic. In the past, I teached theater critic at university (Université du Québec à Montréal). I have also been member of redaction comity, chief of content, associate editor-in-chief of Jeu, and editorial […]

Selim Lander – Martinique (French Caribbean) / ExCom Candidacy

I am running for the Executive Committee only in the absence of younger French-speaking candidates who are better equipped to lead the association. Besides my age – I was born in 1945 – I am in fact only an amateur critic, having never received the slightest remuneration for my reviews, unless you count invitations to […]

Peng Tao – China / ExCom Candidacy

I am running for the Excom member on behalf of the IATC China section. Since its establishment in 2007, our China section has actively participated in in various IATC activities. In 2014, we successfully hosted the 27th IATC congress. Moreover, we have successfully organized two IATC Young Critics seminars and two Asian Critic conferences. I […]

Hana Strejčková – Czech Republic / ExCom Candidacy

Hana Strejčková is a Czech theatre critic with deep focus on mime, new circus and physical theatre and performance, a member of the Czech Committee of the Association of Theatre Critics and the member of the Syndicate of journalists. She publishes in these journals mainly: Dance Context, Theatre News, Opera Plus, Dance Zone and with […]

Jean-Pierre Han – France / ExCom Candidacy

Je suis prêt à poursuivre le travail entrepris depuis de longues années au sein du Comex, notamment en ce qui concerne l’organisation des stages pour jeunes critiques qui connaît d’ailleurs ici à Brno un véritable succès avec la demande de 20 stagiaires répartis en deux groupes, l’un en langue française, l’autre en langue anglaise. Nous […]

Eirini Mountraki – Greece / ExCom Candidacy

I would like to express my interest to be candidate for the Executive Committee of the International Association of Theatre Critics. I strongly believe in IACT’s important and crucial contribution especially in such difficult times that demand to strengthen our alliances, to develop common visions and common goals and to expand the cultural dialogue. Therefore […]

Manabu Noda – Japan / ExCom Candidacy

I, Manabu Noda, have worked in the Executive Committee since 2021, representing the Japanese section of the IATC. Japan has been on the ExCom since 2008, and with my predecessors of IATC Japan, Mariko Anazawa and Akiko Tachiki, I feel proud that we have lived up to the trust our international colleagues of the IATC […]

Konrad Szczebiot – Poland / ExCom Candidacy

I am writing to express my interest in becoming a candidate the Polish Section to the Executive Committee of the International Association of Theatre Critics. As an experienced theater critic and historian, I have been actively involved in the field for several years, and I believe that my extensive background and expertise make me an […]