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Latest Candidates

Jeffrey Eric Jenkins – President – Candidacy

Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, Professor of Theatre at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is a candidate for President of AICT-IATC. Over the past decade, Jenkins has served five terms on the IATC Executive Committee, including three terms as Vice President and eight years as Executive Editor for Critical Stages/Scènes critiques. In his current roles, Jenkins […]

Halima Tahan Ferreyra – Argentina – Candidacy

Dear friends and colleagues, I am Halima Tahan Ferreyra, and – as some of you know – I am lucky enough to live in one of the theatrical capitals of the Americas, Buenos Aires, where I work as Editor of Artes del Sur;  I’m also coordinator of a research domain at the Institute of Performing […]

Martin Morrow – Canada – Candidacy

The Canadian Theatre Critics Association, along with our francophone colleagues, the Quebec Association of Theatre Critics (L’Association Québécoise des critiques de théâtre), jointly represent the Canadian Section at the IATC. For the 29th General Assembly, the CTCA, with the agreement of our Quebec colleagues, will be representing Canada. Therefore, on behalf of both of our […]

Zhu Ning – China – Candidacy

ZHU Ning will run for the seat of Excom on behalf of IATC China Section. She has been the liaison of China Section since it was founded on 2007. After an effort of 14 years, China Section now is taking an active role both in domestic theatre research and in the international family of IATC. […]

Jean-Pierre Han – France – Candidacy

Jean-Pierre Han, délégué de la France, membre du Comex, directeur des stages pour jeunes critiques Que nous le voulions ou non, il nous faut – à cause de la crise du coronavirus qui n’épargne aucun pays – repenser entièrement notre activité indissociablement liée à celle du spectacle vivant qui est plongé dans une véritable crise. Le rôle […]

Irina Gogoberidze – Georgia – Candidacy

Georgia is a small country; however, recently it has been contributing actively to the cultural life of Europe and the world. Our contacts with IATC have been intense. We organised 3 Executive Committee meetings and 5 conferences. Our projects initiated before the Pandemic will be implemented with the new Executive Committee’s approval. You probably remember […]

Leandros Polenakis – Greece – Candidacy

Statement of candidacy for the elections to the Excom International Association of Theatre Critics Dr. Leandros Polenakis President of the Union1 (Union of Greek Theatre and Music Critics), Greece A biographical note of Leandros Polenakis Theater critic, writer, dramatist, essayist President of the Greek section of I.A.T.C. (Union1) I was born in Athens in the […]

Manabu Noda – Japan – Candidacy

It is more than a decade we have had the honour of sending a delegate to the ExCom, the first was Akiko Tachiki, and the second and current is Mariko Anazawa. This time, I am running for the seat as our third delegate. What I would like to do, if elected, is simple: Build upon […]

Lauma Mellēna-Bartkeviča – Latvia – Candidacy

STATEMENT OF CANDIDACY FOR EXCOM – AICT/IACT 2021 Being the Head of the National Section of Latvia for almost 3 years, I would like to propose my candidacy for the IATC Executive Committee.  I am a theatre and music critic and researcher, currently working at the Latvian Academy of Music, simultaneously holding a position of […]