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Because we all miss theatre

Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, Critical Stages/ Scènes critiques was out on time, late June, as promised. We are very happy to announce the publication of its 21st issue! It is, in terms of quantity, thus far the richest of all, with 70 contributions by 40 women and 38 men from 34 countries. 11 of these articles belong to the issue’s main Special Topic The Theatricality of Music, the Musicality of Theatre, edited by Octavian Saiu, and another ten to the Special Topic of the Essay Section (Mediating Performance Experience), edited by Yana Meerzon.
There is also an unplanned third special topic, edited by Savas Patsalidis, that emerged during the pandemic. It consists of 22 reports from 21 countries, plus an opening essay on how theatre dealt with similar crises in the past, starting with the times of Sophocles. This “extra” section is a kind of “album” of first responses, and will provide a global overview of what the theatre community has experienced in the last five months. We invite you to read the current issue, but also to rediscover some of the previous ones. Because we all miss theatre, there could hardly be a more rewarding activity than reading about it: www.critical-stages.org