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10, 50, 60 and 100: the key numbers of the forthcoming IATC Congress

The forthcoming congress of IATC will take place in Belgrade in the context of BITEF, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It’s not the only anniversary, however: IATC has reached 60 years of existence and the coveted Thalia Prize, presented by the Association, is also having its 10th anniversary. So, the 100 delegates from all over the world will have a lot to celebrate together in the spirit of free dialogue that is at the heart of IATC.

“In a chaotic world, open discussion and free expression of opinions are of fundamental importance to the performing arts. The dedication of the critics to intellectual discourse and to sensitive analysis of the arts will always be an essential part of the endless love story between the performing arts and their audiences.” (Margareta Sörenson, President of the IATC)